Supporting, Informing and Networking Christian Homeschoolers

Council Members

Keith and Christine Filipek

​Ed and Jean Fisher
Dennis and Kim Scott ~ Treasurer
Jason and TommieSue Spark

5 Points of SINCH

S ~ We desire to offer support to homeschool families throughout Lenawee county.

I ~ We hope to inspire fellow homeschoolers through regular support meetings with a support group founded on biblical values.

N ~ We want to help homeschoolers network by providing a venue for drawing on and sharing the unique strengths and talents of our members. We also want to maintain a list of the abundant learning opportunities in the area.

C ~ We strive to show Christ-like behavior and attitudes in all we do.

H ~ SINCH is a community of like-minded families who are blessed to have the opportunity and freedom to educate our children at home


SINCH is a Christ-Centered Organization that is focused on helping home school families in Lenawee County. We offer support for new and seasoned home schoolers by providing resources when necessary. We strive to serve our community and others while fostering an atmosphere of fun and friendship. We hope to connect to others in order to better the future for our children.


Taking time to spend with our children and family is our main purpose. We host multiple events throughout the year. Some family activities have been activities like camping at Camp Somerset and the fall barn dance where everyone can learn to square dance. We have planned trips to the Creation Museum as families, and park and zoo days.

We also have events for elementary, junior high and high school ages students. Other events that we have done are field trips to the Adrian Fire Department, bonfires for the older kids, laser tag events and many more.
For our older students, we organize a Spring Formal. We also have a Graduation ceremony for those who are graduating.

SINCH also values teaching our students to serve others. Our younger students have spent time working with the senior citizens at various retirement homes and the older students will often serve at soup kitchens in different locations in our county.

We are a member-driven group.
Our members participation is what makes our group work. When we work together we accomplish so much!

SINCH Homeschool P.O. Box 1427 Adrian, MI